YJM Games Co., Ltd. Terms of Service

(This Terms of Service includes information concerning the agreement to receive commercial advertising messages for promotional purposes.)


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the Terms of Service is to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, etc., of YJM Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the service users provided by the Company through various platforms, including PCs and mobile devices, as well as the associated network, website, and other services (hereinafter referred to as "Service").


Article 2 (Terms and Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used in the Terms of Service are as follows:

1. "Company" refers to YJM Games Co., Ltd. and its affiliates that provide the Service through platforms such as PC and mobile devices.

2. "Member" refers to an individual who has entered into a usage agreement according to the Terms of Service and uses the Service provided by the Company.

3. "Temporary Member" refers to a member who uses the Service without linking or authenticating account information or through Guest Login.

4. "PC and mobile devices, etc." refers to devices such as PC, mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, game consoles, TV game consoles, VR devices, etc. that can download or install content for use.

5. "Account Information" collectively refers to the information provided by the member to the Company, such as the member's membership number, external account information, device information, nickname, profile picture, friend list, etc. Additionally, it includes game usage information (character information, items, level, etc.), as well as payment information for service fees.

6. "Content" refers to all digital content (games and network services, applications, game money, game items, etc.) produced by the Company, whether paid or free, in a digital format related to the Service provision for use through PC and mobile devices.

7. "Open Market" refers to the electronic commerce environment established for installing game content and making paid payments through various platforms, such as PCs and mobile devices.

8. "Paid Payment" refers to the act of purchasing or using content within the Service provided by the Company through recognized methods of the Payment Service Providers.

9. "Payment Service Provider" refers to entities that offer electronic payment methods, such as credit cards and mobile payments, available on open markets.

10. "Application" refers to any program downloaded, installed, and used through platforms like PCs and mobile devices to access the Service provided by the Company.

11. "Game service" refers to one of the Services provided by the Company, representing games executed by members on various platforms like PCs and mobile devices, along with associated services.

12. "Affiliate Service" refers to Services provided by the Company through partnerships with other platform service providers.

The definitions of terms used in the Terms of Service are determined in accordance with Clause 1 of this Article, except as otherwise provided by relevant laws and policies specific to each service. In cases not specified herein, general business practices shall apply.


Article 3 (Provision of Company Information, etc.)

The Company shall display each of the following categories of Subclauses within the game service to make it easily accessible for members. However, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service may be made available to members through a linked screen.

1. Company name and name of the representative

2. Address of the business location (including the address where member complaints can be addressed)

3. Phone number, email address

4. Business Registration Number

5. Mail-Order-Sales Registration Number

6. Privacy Policy

7. Terms of Service


Article 4 (Effect and Amendment of the Terms of Service)

The Company shall post the contents of the Terms of Service within the game service or on its connecting screen so that members can be informed. In this case, important contents such as service suspension, purchase withdrawal, refund, contract termination, the Company's disclaimer, etc., will be clearly displayed in bold letters, colors, symbols, etc., or processed through separate connecting screens to make it easy for members to understand.

Should the Company make any amendments to the Terms of Service, it will inform members at least 7 days prior to the effective date. This notification will be provided by displaying the effective date, modified content, reasons for the amendment, etc., either within the game service or on its connecting screen. However, if the amended contents are disadvantageous to members or involve significant changes, the notice will be provided at least 30 days before the effective date through the same method. In this case, the Company will clearly compare the pre-amendment and post-amendment contents to make it easy for members to understand.

When the Company amends the Terms of Service, it will confirm members' agreement to the application of the amended terms after the notice of the amended terms. If the Company gives notice or notification under Clause 2, it will also include a statement that if the member does not express their intention to agree or disagree with the amended terms, it will be deemed that they have agreed to the amended terms. If the member does not express their intention to disagree with the amended terms by the effective date of these terms, it will be deemed that they have agreed to the amended terms. If a member does not agree to the amended terms, the Company or the member may terminate the Service usage agreement.

The Company may amend the Terms of Service within the scope of not violating relevant laws such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of Terms of Service, the Game Industry Promotion Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the Content Industry Promotion Act.


Article 5 (Conclusion and Application of Service Agreement)

The service agreement is concluded when an individual who wishes to become a member (hereinafter referred to as the "Applicant") agrees to the contents of the Terms of Service, applies for service usage, and the Company accepts the application.

The Company generally accepts applications from Applicants. However, the Company may reject the application in the following Subclauses.

1. If the Applicant provides false information in the application or does not meet the requirements for service application.

2. If the Applicant is using the Service in a country where the Company does not provide the Service through abnormal or circumventive methods.

3. If the Applicant applies for the purpose of engaging in activities prohibited by related laws, such as the Game Industry Promotion Act.

4. If the Applicant applies with the purpose of disturbing public order and morals or undermining the Company's interests.

5. If the Applicant intends to use the Service for illegitimate purposes.

6. If the Applicant intends to use the Service for profit.

7. If the Applicant applies using mobile devices, programs, etc., restricted by the Company for Service usage.

8. In other cases where acceptance is deemed inappropriate based on reasons similar to the above.

The Company may defer acceptance until the reasons under any of the following Subclauses are resolved.

1. When there is no available capacity in the Company's facilities, support for specific mobile devices is difficult, or there is a technical obstacle.

2. In case of Service disruptions or malfunctions related to Service usage fees or payment methods.

3. In other cases where acceptance of the application is deemed difficult for reasons similar to those listed above.

Once the user completes the procedure for agreeing to the Terms of Service or entering the necessary information for Service usage, the Company immediately allows the user to use the Service unless there are matters to be held in abeyance or refused. However, if matters are confirmed later in accordance with Clause 2, the Company may restrict usage or terminate the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Service.

The Company may provide a temporary member feature for the game service for the convenience of users. During the use of the temporary member feature, account information may be deleted in the event of the Subclauses listed below. Furthermore, it may not be possible to link or transfer account information from the game service used through the temporary member feature afterwards. In this case, the Company does not guarantee the recovery of account information and is not responsible for compensation or damages.

1. In the event of a change in PC and mobile devices, etc.

2. In the event of modification or initialization of PCs and mobile devices, etc.

3. In the event of deleting all or part of the content, such as applications, from PCs and mobile devices, etc.


Article 6 (Other Rules outside the Terms of Service)

Matters not stipulated in the Terms of Service and the interpretation of the Terms of Service shall be governed by relevant laws such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of Terms of Service, the Game Industry Promotion Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Content Industry Promotion Act, or industry practices.


Article 7 (Operational Policy)

The Company may establish game service operational policies (hereinafter referred to as "Operational Policy") to specify matters necessary for the application of the Terms of Service and matters delegated with specific scope in the Terms of Service.

The Company shall make the contents of the Operational Policy accessible to members by posting them within the game service or on linked screens.

In the event of revising the Operational Policy, the procedures in Article 4, Clause 2, shall be followed. However, if the revision of the Operational Policy falls under any of the following Subclauses, the Company shall provide prior notice through the method specified in Clause 2.

1. When revising matters specifically delegated in the Terms of Service.

2. When revising matters unrelated to members' rights and obligations.

3. When the content of the Operational Policy is fundamentally consistent with the provisions of the Terms of Service and is within the foreseeable range for members.


Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information)

The Company strives to protect members' personal information in accordance with applicable laws and follows the relevant laws and the Company's Privacy Policy regarding the protection and use of personal information. However, the Company's Privacy Policy does not apply to services linked outside of the Services provided by the Company.

Depending on the nature of the Service, information that introduces oneself, such as nicknames, character photos, and status information unrelated to members' personal information, may be disclosed.

Except in cases where there are requests from relevant government agencies or similar under applicable laws, the Company will not provide members' personal information to third parties without the member's consent.

The Company is not responsible for any damages incurred due to the leakage of a member's personal information or account information caused by the member's fault.


Article 9 (Company Obligations)

The Company faithfully complies with the exercise of rights and performance of obligations stipulated in relevant laws and the Terms of Service.

The Company must have security systems in place to protect personal information (including credit information) and disclose and comply with the Privacy Policy to ensure members can use the Service safely. Except as stipulated in the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, the Company ensures that members' personal information is not disclosed or provided to third parties.

The Company makes every effort to promptly repair or recover facilities in the event of malfunctions or data loss/damage during improvement operations for the continuous and stable provision of Service. This is done unless there are unavoidable reasons, such as natural disasters, emergencies, or issues and defects that cannot be resolved with current technology.


Article 10 (Member Obligations)

Members must not engage in the following Subclauses related to the use of the Services provided by the Company.

1. Providing false information during the application or editing member information, or using another person's information.

2. Suspicious activities involving the acquisition, use, sale, gifting, or transfer, or attempts thereof, of game information (ID, character, items, in-game currency, etc.) through Services not provided by the Company or abnormal methods.

3. Impersonating Company employees or administrators, posting messages or sending emails by using another person's name, falsely specifying relationships with others, or falsely representing oneself as another person.

4. Using someone else's credit card, wire or wireless phone, bank account, etc., to purchase content, or unauthorized use of another member's ID and password.

5. Unauthorized collection, storage, posting, or dissemination of another member's personal information.

6. Engaging in gambling or inducing such behavior, exchanging or posting obscene or indecent information, posting links to explicit websites, transmitting or disseminating words, sounds, images, photos, or videos that cause embarrassment, hatred, or fear to others, or any other improper use of the Service.

7. Using the Service for purposes other than its original intent, such as unauthorized commercial, business, advertising, promotion, political activities, election campaigns, etc.

8. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or promotion for commercial use of information obtained through the Company's Service, exploiting known or unknown bugs to use the service, etc.

9. Deceiving others for personal gain or causing harm to others in connection with the use of the Company's Services.

10. Infringing on the intellectual property or portrait rights of the Company or others, damaging the honor of others, or causing harm.

11. Knowingly transmitting or posting information (computer programs) prohibited by law, intentionally transmitting, posting, distributing, or using viruses, computer codes, files, programs, or other materials designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.

12. Unauthorized alteration of applications, addition of other programs to applications, hacking or reverse engineering of servers, leakage or alteration of source code or application data, construction of separate servers, arbitrary changes or impersonation of parts of websites to impersonate the Company.

13. Use or attempted use of software, applications, etc., falling under Subclause 11 and 12.

14. Requesting game progress from others by paying money or similar actions (account boosting, etc.).

15. Any other act that violates relevant laws, social norms, or is contrary to decency.

Members are responsible for managing their accounts, PCs, and mobile devices, and should not allow others to use them. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by the member's negligence or allowing others to use them.

Members should set and manage the payment password feature to prevent unauthorized payments on mobile devices. The Company is not responsible for damages resulting from the member's negligence.

The Company may specify the detailed content of the following Subclauses, and members must comply.

1. Member's account name, character name, guild name, and other names used in the game.

2. Chat content and methods.

3. Methods of using Services such as Forums.

4. Policies of external platform-affiliated services such as Kakao, Facebook, Google Plus, Steam, etc.


Article 11 (Provision of Services)

The Company shall provide Services immediately to members who have completed the service agreement in accordance with the provisions of Article 5. However, for some services, the Company may commence service on a designated date as needed.

When providing Services to members, the Company may offer additional services along with the services specified in the Terms of Service.

The Company may differentiate members' grades and set distinctions in usage time, frequency of use, and scope of provided Services, among other factors.


Article 12 (Use of Service)

Game services are provided during the hours specified by the Company's business policy. The Company will inform users of the game service hours through appropriate methods on the game application's initial screen or game service notices. In the absence of separate indications or notices, the service is assumed to be provided 24 hours a day.

Despite the provisions of Clause 1, the Company may suspend all or part of the Service temporarily under the following Subclauses. In such cases, the Company will announce the reason and duration of the suspension in advance through the game application's initial screen or the game service notice. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances that prevent prior notice, the company may announce the suspension afterwards.

1. Systematic scheduled maintenance, expansion, or replacement of servers, network instability, or other necessary circumstances for the system operation.

2. Inability to provide normal services due to power failure, failure of Service facilities, Service overcrowding, routine maintenance or inspection by the telecommunications business operator, etc.

3. Occurrence of uncontrollable situations such as displays, riots, natural disasters, or other national emergencies.

The Company provides Service through dedicated applications or networks for PCs and mobile devices. Members can download and install the application or use the service through the network, either for free or for a fee.

For paid content, members must pay the specified fees to use the Service. When downloading an application or using a service through the network, additional charges may be incurred by the mobile carrier.

Services for downloaded and installed applications or network-based services are provided to suit the characteristics of PCs, mobile devices, or the mobile carrier. Changing PCs, mobile devices, or numbers, or using services overseas may render all or part of the game service unavailable, and the Company is not responsible in such cases.

Services for downloaded and installed applications or network-based services may involve background tasks. In this case, additional charges may be incurred according to the characteristics of the mobile device or mobile carrier, and the Company is not responsible for this.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 1, if there are specific times or methods prohibited or restricted by relevant laws, self-regulatory agreements of business operators, etc., the Service may not be provided, and the Company is not responsible for such matters.


Article 13 (Affiliate Services)

The Company may affiliate with other platforms (such as Kakao, Steam, etc.) to allow members to use affiliate services.

Before using affiliate services, members must agree to provide access to personal information necessary for the provision of affiliate services, including personal profiles. Failure to agree may result in restrictions on the use of affiliate services.

When members use affiliate services, inquiries regarding the modification, viewing, confirmation, and deletion of personal information necessary for using affiliate services should be directed to the provider of the respective affiliate service.


Article 14 (Community Services)

Community Services refer to services provided by the Company, such as forums, that allow multiple users to freely exchange opinions and promote friendship.

Members can use community services by linking affiliate service accounts or through other methods provided by the Company.

When joining community services, member information may be disclosed to the operation team for smooth Service operation.

If community services are linked to affiliate services and a member loses or withdraws their membership from each affiliate service, normal provision of community services may not be possible.

To protect members' rights and provide a healthy community service, the Company may include necessary provisions in the Operational Policy or establish separate policies. Members are obligated to comply with these policies. The Company will notify members of the contents of the Operational Policy or separate policies through the Service or community service notices so that members can be aware of them.


Article 15 (Changes and Discontinuation of Services)

The Company may change Services due to operational or technical needs for smooth Service provision. The Company will announce the details of such changes within the Service. However, in cases where there is an urgent need for changes such as bug fixes, error corrections, or emergency updates, or when the changes are not significant, the Company may announce them afterwards.

If it becomes difficult for the Company to continue the Service due to significant reasons such as the termination of business, business transfer, division, merger, expiration of the game provision agreement, or a significant deterioration in service revenue, the Company may discontinue the entire Service. In this case, the Company will announce the discontinuation date, reasons, compensation conditions, etc., 30 days prior to the discontinuation date through the game service's initial screen or its linked screen.

In the case of Clause 2, the Company will refund paid content in accordance with relevant laws.


Article 16 (Collection of Information, etc.)

The Company may store and retain chat information (including post messages, DMs, etc., exchanged between users within the Service), and only the Company has possession of this information. The Company may allow a third party to access this information only for the purpose of mediating disputes between members, handling complaints, or maintaining game order if authorized by law.

When the Company or a third party accesses chat information according to Clause 1, the Company will notify the member in advance of the reason and scope of access. However, if it is necessary to access this information for the investigation, processing, confirmation of prohibited activities under Article 10 Clause 1, or to rectify damages caused by such activities, the Company may notify the member after the fact.

For the smooth operation and improvement of the quality of Services, the Company may collect and use information about members' PCs, mobile devices, etc., excluding personal information.

For the purpose of Service improvement and targeted service introduction, the Company may request additional information from members. Members can accept or reject such requests, and if the Company makes such a request, it will also notify the member that they can refuse.


Article 17 (Provision of Advertisements)

The Company may display advertisements within the Service related to the operation of the Service. Additionally, the Company may send advertisements via methods such as email, text services (LMS/SMS), or push notifications to members who have agreed to receive them. Members can refuse to receive such information at any time, and the Company will not send advertising information if the member rejects it.

Through banners, links, etc., provided within the Service, the Company may connect members to advertisements or services provided by third parties.

If members are connected to advertisements or services provided by third parties according to Clause 2, since the services provided in those areas are not within the Company's Service, the Company does not guarantee reliability, stability, etc., and is not responsible for any damages caused to members. However, this exclusion does not apply if the Company intentionally or negligently facilitates the occurrence of damages or fails to take measures to prevent damages.


Article 18 (Copyright)

The copyright and other intellectual property rights for all content created by the Company within the Service belong to the Company.

Members must not reproduce, transmit, or use for profit, or allow others to use, information obtained through the use of the Services provided by the Company, including information for which intellectual property rights belong to the Company or its service providers, without prior consent.

Members are permitted by the Company to use user-generated content within the Service, including but not limited to direct content such as characters, images, and audio, as well as indirect content like service-related information. This includes communications, images, sounds, and all materials and information (hereinafter referred to as "User Content") uploaded or transmitted by members or other users through the service. The Company is allowed to use the User Content in the following ways and conditions.

1. Use, edit, change format, and other transformations (including publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, and creating derivative works, etc., without limitations on duration and region) of the User Content.

2. Not engage in selling, renting, or transferring User Content for transactional purposes without prior consent from the user who created the User Content.

The Company will not use, without explicit consent, User Content that is not expressed within the Service or unrelated content (referring to posts, etc., in forums that are not substantially related to in-game content). Members can delete such User Content at any time, and the rights and responsibilities of such works belong to the members themselves.

If the Company determines that a post or registration within the Service made by a member violates the prohibited activities under Article 10, Clause 1, it may delete, move, or reject the registration without prior notice.

Members whose legal interests are infringed due to information posted on forums operated by the Company can request the removal of such information or the posting of rebuttal content. In this case, the Company will promptly take necessary measures and notify the applicant.

This Clause remains valid during the Company's operation of the Service and continues to apply even after a membership deletion.


Article 19 (Use of Paid Content)

Paid content purchased by a member through paid transactions within the Service can be used on the device logged in with the corresponding account. However, temporary members can only use it on the device where the application is downloaded or installed.

The usage period of paid content provided through paid transactions is as specified at the time of purchase. However, in the event of Service discontinuation under Article 15, Clause 2, the usage period of paid content without a specified duration will be until the announced Service discontinuation date.

The exchange of paid content for other content within the Service or the consumption of content (hereinafter referred to as "In-game Currencies") during content usage may be provided through paid transactions or may be provided free of charge as part of the service. In the use of In-game Currencies, those obtained through paid transactions will be prioritized. However, if the Service designates a separate usage priority, this will not apply.

The Company may discount or adjust the amount of existing paid content, change the content or composition of paid content, or release new paid content without prior notice. The company is not responsible for damages resulting from adjustments to the usage fee of paid content or changes in the content of paid content.


Article 20 (Restriction of Service Use)

Members must not engage in actions that violate the obligations under Article 10, and if such actions are taken, the Company may impose restrictions on the member's Service use, take measures such as deleting related information (posts, photos, videos, etc.), and other restrictions based on the following Subclauses. The specific reasons and procedures for the service restrictions on members will be determined in accordance with the Operational Policy of individual games as stipulated in Article 21, Clause 1.

1. Partial Permission Restrictions: Restriction of certain permissions, such as chat and game information reset, for a certain period.

2. Character Use Restriction: Restriction of member character use for a certain period or permanently.

3. Account Use Restriction: Restriction of member account use for a certain period or permanently.

4. Member Use Restriction: Restriction of member's game service use for a certain period or permanently.

If the service restriction under Clause 1 is justified, the Company is not obligated to compensate for any damages incurred by the member.

The Company may suspend the Service use of the account until an investigation is completed for the following Subclauses.

1. A valid report is received indicating that the account has been hacked or stolen.

2. Suspicion of illegal activities, such as the use of illegal programs or engaging in unauthorized activities, such as operating a game character for profit.

3. Other cases where temporary measures are necessary for Service use due to reasons similar to those listed above.

After the investigation under Clause 3 is completed, for paid content provided through paid transactions, the Company will extend the member's usage time by the suspended period or compensate with equivalent content. However, this does not apply if the member falls under the reasons listed in Clause 3.


Article 21 (Procedure for Restriction of Use)

The Company establishes the specific reasons and procedures for the measures to restrict use under Article 20, Clause 1, considering the content, degree, frequency, results, etc., of the violation acts through Operational Policy.

When the Company takes the use restriction measures specified in Article 20, Clause 1, the following Subclauses shall be notified to the member.

1. Reason for use restriction.

2. Type and duration of use restriction.

3. Method of filing an objection against the use restriction.


Article 22 (Objection to Use Restriction)

If a member disagrees with the Company's use restriction measures and wishes to raise an objection, the member must submit a written objection including the reasons within 14 days from the date of receiving the notice of the use restriction, using written form, email, or equivalent methods.

The Company shall respond to the objection raised under Clause 1 in writing, via email, or equivalent methods within 15 days from the date of receiving the objection. However, if the Company finds it difficult to respond within the specified period, it shall notify the member of the reason and the expected processing schedule.

If the member's objection is deemed valid by the Company, appropriate measures will be taken accordingly.


Article 23 (Payment of Fees)

The imposition and payment of purchase fees for content shall generally follow the policies or methods set by mobile carriers, open market operators, etc. Additionally, the limits for each payment method may be granted or adjusted in accordance with the policies established by the Company, open market operators, payment service providers, or government policies.

In the case of making payment in foreign currency for the purchase fee of content, the actual amount billed may differ from the price displayed in the Service's shop due to exchange rates, fees, etc.


Article 24 (Purchase Withdrawal)

Members who have entered into a purchase contract with the Company for content may request a purchase withdrawal within 7 days. This period commences on the later of the date specified in the purchase contractor the date the content becomes accessible, with no additional fees or penalties.

Members cannot go against the Company's intention and request a purchase withdrawal under Clause 1 if they fall under any of the following Subclauses. However, in the case of a purchase contract consisting of divisible content, this restriction does not apply to the remaining part that does not fall under the following Subclauses.

1. Content used or applied immediately upon purchase.

2. Content for which additional benefits have been provided, and those benefits have been used.

3. Content where the act of opening determines its utility or can be considered an act of use.

4. Use of part of the additional content provided at the time of purchase (currencies, points, mileage, items, etc.).

5. Irreversible usage of part of the content sold as a bundled set.

6. Content not directly purchased by the member, such as received as a gift from others.

7. Content partially or completely lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the member.

8. Other content for which purchase withdrawal is restricted under applicable laws.

If it is not possible to request a purchase withdrawal for content where withdrawal is unavailable as per the Subclauses in Clause 2, the Company shall clearly indicate this fact where the member can easily see it, provide a trial version of the content (allow temporary use, provide a trial version, etc.), or provide information about the content to ensure that the member's right to request a purchase withdrawal is not obstructed. If the Company fails to take such measures, the member may request a purchase withdrawal despite the restrictions in Clause 2.

Regardless of Clauses 1 and 2, in the event that the content purchased by the member differs from the displayed or advertised content or if the contract fails to be executed as agreed, the member may request a purchase withdrawal within 3 months from the date of purchasing the content or the date when it becomes available, or within 30 days from the date the member became aware of the discrepancy or could have anticipated it.

If a member wishes to request a purchase withdrawal, the Company may verify the purchase history through the open market operator. Additionally, the Company may contact the member using the information provided by the member to verify the member's legitimate withdrawal reason and request additional evidence.

If a purchase withdrawal is made according to Clauses 1 through 4, the Company shall promptly collect the member's paid content and refund the fee within 3 business days. In the event of a delay, the Company shall pay interest calculated by multiplying the delay period by the interest rate specified in Article 21-3 of the many acts, including Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

When a minor enters into a content purchase contract on a mobile device, the Company shall notify that cancellation of the contract is possible without the consent of the legal representative, and if a minor enters into a purchase contract without the consent of the legal representative, the minor or the legal representative may cancel the contract. However, this does not apply if the minor, with the consent of the legal representative, purchases content using property for which the legal representative has set limits or if the minor deceives others into believing that they are of legal age without the consent of the legal representative.

Whether the parties to the content purchase contract are minors or not is determined based on the information of the payment executor, payment method name, etc., used for the payment. The Company may also request the submission of documents proving that the person is a minor or the legal representative for the purpose of verifying a legitimate cancellation.


Article 25 (Refund of Overpayment)

In the event of an overpayment, the Company shall refund the overpayment to the member. However, if the overpayment is caused by the member's fault without any intention or negligence on the part of the Company, the actual costs incurred for the refund shall be borne by the member within a reasonable range.

Payment for content is made according to the payment method provided by the open market operator, and in case of overpayment during the payment process, a refund must be requested from the Company or the open market operator. However, depending on the policies and systems of the open market operator, the Company may request that the open market operator perform the necessary refund procedures.

Communication fees (call charges, data call charges, etc.) incurred due to downloading the application or using network Services may be excluded from the refund.

The refund process for overpayments will be carried out based on the operating system of the mobile device currently using the Service, following the refund policies of each open market operator or the Company.

To process the refund of overpayments, the Company may contact the member using the information provided by the member and request the necessary information. The Company will refund within 3 business days from the day it receives the necessary information from the member.

Despite the provisions of this Article, content acquired at no cost during Service use without going through paid transactions or content provided free of charge by the Company through internal or external affiliated events, etc., is excluded from the refund.


Article 26 (Termination of Contract)

If a member wishes to terminate the service agreement, the member can apply for account deletion through the Service menu or Customer Support. Upon completion of deletion, all the member's game information (score, characters, items, game currency, etc.) will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Deletion of the application or termination of integration with affiliated services does not constitute the termination of the service contract.

If a member engages in activities prohibited by the Terms of Service or Operational Policy, and if there are significant reasons that make it impossible to maintain this agreement, the Company may notify the member in advance and suspend the service use or terminate the service agreement after a reasonable period. However, in cases of urgency, the Company may terminate the service agreement immediately without prior notice.


Article 27 (Damage Compensation)

If the Company or a member causes damage to the other party by violating the Terms of Service, they are responsible for compensating for the damages.

If the Company enters into a partnership agreement with an individual service provider and provides individual services to members, the individual service provider shall be responsible for damages incurred by members due to the individual service provider's attributable reasons after the member has agreed to the individual service terms and conditions.


Article 28 (Company's Disclaimer)

The Company is not responsible for providing Services in the event of force majeure or circumstances equivalent to force majeure.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused by maintenance, replacement, regular inspections, construction, or other reasons equivalent to these related to the service facilities.

The Company is not responsible for Service interruptions caused by the member's intentional or negligent actions.

The Company is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy, or any other aspects of information or data posted by members in connection with the Service.

The Company has no obligation to intervene in transactions or disputes between members or between members and third parties mediated through the Service, and is not liable for any damages arising from such transactions or disputes.

The Company is not responsible for damages incurred by members in connection with the use of free Services or services provided by other business operators. However, this does not apply in cases of the Company's intentional or gross negligence.

The Company is not responsible for any failure of members to obtain or loss of expected benefits through the use of the Service.

The Company is not responsible for the loss of a member's game information (experience points, grades, items, game currency, etc.).

The Company is not responsible for third-party payments resulting from the member's failure to manage password settings on PC and mobile devices or the password settings provided by the open market.

The Company is not responsible if members are unable to use all or part of the content due to changes in PC and mobile devices, operating system (OS) upgrades or changes, international roaming, or changes in telecommunications carriers.

The Company is not responsible if members delete content or account information provided by the Company.

The Company is not responsible for damages incurred by temporary members through the use of the Service.


Article 29 (Notice to Members)

When the Company notifies members, it may use the member's email address, electronic memo, Service's internal messaging system, text messages (LMS/SMS), or the initial screen of the game service.

If the Company notifies all members, it may do so by posting for more than 7 days within the game service or by presenting a pop-up screen, etc., in addition to the notification in Clause 1.


Article 30 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

This Agreement is governed and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Korea. In the event of a lawsuit arising between the Company and a member, the court specified by law shall have jurisdiction.


Article 31 (Handling Complaints and Dispute Resolution by Members)

The Company informs members of ways to express opinions or complaints within the game service or on its connected screens, considering the convenience of members. The Company operates dedicated personnel to handle such opinions or complaints, and the Company's operating hours are as follows:

 - Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00–18:00 (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays; based on Korean time)

If a member's opinion or complaint is objectively recognized as valid, the Company promptly processes it within a reasonable period. However, if an extended period is required for processing, the Company notifies members of the reasons for the delay and the processing schedule within the game service.

In the event of a dispute between the Company and a member, if a third-party dispute resolution institution arbitrates, the Company faithfully proves the actions taken against the member and may comply with the arbitration of the dispute resolution institution.



This policy shall be effective as of November/21/2023.